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With such a saturated market of name actors doing VoiceOver, you have to stand out. There are lots of opportunities to work if you have professional demos. That’s where Carolyn can help. She is the voice you hear for Microsoft, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Genesis and countless commercials, cartoons and narrations.

Carolyn will teach you to find your unique style and deliver like a pro.  Many of Carolyn’s clients are using their unique sounds for all forms of media including, web series, commercials, narration, promos, audiobooks, television shows, film, interactive voice commands, and gaming.

There are no two voices alike. When we find your naturalness of speaking, you can be a commercial voice artist. Finding the frenetic energy of a warrior can turn you into an anime expert. The focused rasp of a competitor can make you a promo or announcer expert.

Let’s find what your voice is truly capable of with Carolyn’s voice over development for today’s commercial, interactive and media opportunities.

Interactive Voice Coaching Orlando
“I specialize in preparing singers and voice talents who are serious about succeeding in the entertainment Industry. I am available via Skype or Facetime worldwide, in person in Central Florida and seminars and workshops throughout the country.”
Carolyn Douras

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