Vocal Coaching – Singing (Performance and Technique)


Discover your natural voice. We will hone in on your vocal strength, flexibility, tone, mix, belt and all your voice has to offer. Carolyn will create an individualized program for you, whether you are an established artist or a young artist beginning your life’s journey.


If you want to find your natural voice, and learn how to give it flexibility and power, you want to work with Carolyn, the industry’s leading resource.  The difference between a trained and untrained voice, in any genre, is subtlety and control.  Learn to have a delivery and performance that appeal to your audience. Let’s begin today on the road to performing your best!
Vocal Coaching Music and Stage Orlando
“I specialize in preparing singers and voice talents who are serious about succeeding in the entertainment Industry. I am available via Skype or Facetime worldwide, in person in Central Florida and seminars and workshops throughout the country.”
Carolyn Douras

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