17 Oct 2020

“I started a voice over business back in 2018, and it was a struggle to get this bad boy up and running because I was beyond broke! Lol. But, as hard as it was I pushed through. My first podcast, The Undrafted Podcast was produced under this company, and the upcoming podcast that I’m working on, Brothas Being Brothers, will be produced under Ro4Sho Pro as well. The reason its still going? Because God himself told me I can’t quit. So I increased my faith and pushed through. I’ve put so much blood, sweat and tears into this journey…yall gonna see AND hear ALL of this!! 😂 Special thanks goes to my forever voice coach Carolyn Douras White for teaching me and being patient with me, because Lord knows anybody else woulda kicked me to the curb! 😂 You guys…Ro4Sho Productions is officially a thing!! I have a logo now! Follow my IG page @ro4shoproductions to see all of the amazing things that are coming in the future!”