11 Jun 2019

“Are you a working actor or singer in the Los Angeles Area? Would you like to double your bookings? You NEED to get with the best vocal coach in LA. That would be Carolyn Fallin. Whenever we are in LA we always go to Vocal Image and work with Carolyn. My kids love her and I trust her”

30 Apr 2019

“Carolyn was one of the best vocal coaches I have ever had. She hones in on what you need personally and targets for the max amount of growth. She not only helps me with singing, but when I have voiceover auditions or need help with dialects, she coaches me through to the point I have gotten amazing feed back from employers. I worked with her in Los Angeles till she moved to Orlando but she will still coach me via skype. Aside from her amazing talents, she is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had and makes me feel welcome and never timid or judged for anything. She just wants everyone to be the best that they can”

04 Aug 2018

“I have worked as colleague with Carolyn in a variety of musical entertainment groups, including Disney’s (then) MGM Studios Theme Park. Her versatile performing skills are augmented by an exceptional work ethic. As a fellow performer, we could always count on Carolyn to keep the event upbeat and fun”

22 Nov 2017

“Carolyn is the best of the best. She was recommended to my friend, by Kenny Ortega, himself. Carolyn has worked with a lot of the Disney kids and was an American Idol coach. Jake and Maia have received excellent instruction from her and we couldn’t be happier with both her amazing coaching and her encouraging attitude.”