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Discover your natural voice, tones, dynamics, strength, depth, and more with Carolyn’s guidance and training. Over two decades as a music industry leading resource, Carolyn can assist you with vocal coaching programs for established, major label artists, studio talent, rising stars and young artists beginning their life’s creative journey. Keeping the talent focused on creative work while ensuring the efforts are effective and polished, greatly impacts the success of Vocal Image Artists and their quest for achievement. If you want to find your natural voice, and learn how to give it flexibility and power, you will want to work with Carolyn Fallin. The difference between a trained and an untrained voice in the pop, R & B, and country genres is subtlety and control. Vocal Image provides these tools to be successful. Learn to have a delivery and performance that appeals to your audience. Let’s begin today on the road to performing your best!


Dialects and Accents are a must for every actor to master. Performing on today’s global stage in film, television or theater, Actor’s must master the ability to speak authentically from a different region or continent. Carolyn can catapult you to the next levels of success with expert guidance and training in word pronunciation and accent management. Incorporating fluidity and the music of phrases and sentences with complete authenticity makes Vocal Image training an indispensable dialogue and dialect resource for producers, directors and casting directors and actors throughout the world.


Voice Over is the art of Acting with the voice. It is heard in films, on television, stage, live events, radio, voice command in vehicles, on websites; anywhere you need a voice to express the mood. Carolyn has been the voice of Microsoft, Ford, Hyundai, and Kia since 2009. Staying connected across today’s mobile and media streaming lifestyles demand Voice Artists define their craft and perfect the conveyance of ideas and emotions through their voice. Carolyn can teach you how to find your unique style. There are no two voices alike. If you can find the naturalness of speaking, you can be a commercial voice artist. The frenetic, energy of excitement can make you an anime or animation expert. The fierce, focused rasp of a competitor can make you an announcer or promo expert.  Find out what your voice is truly capable of with our Voice training and coaching for today’s commercial, interactive and mobile media opportunities.

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Carolyn since 2013. I have always admired her experience, professionalism during sessions, and the way she treats clients- like dear friends. Carolyn’s belief in me over the years has helped me believe in myself. I am proud and excited to say she will be my vocal coach for the rest of my life.
”I have learned everything I know from Carolyn! It has been an absolute pleasure working with her over the years. She is extremely knowledgeable, really breaks things down for people, and works with them one on one to fit their specific needs. I go to her for all my singing advice.”

Leah Lewis, Leah Lewis